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Boulder Walls Gold Coast: Things You Need to Know

The type of wall that you install for your property must depend on your need, style and budget. For holding and retaining the lateral pressure of soil, one of the top choices is boulder walls Gold Coast. This wall type is described as a structure built of round sediments and pebbles.

The general process of building boulder walls Gold Coast:

Excavating the desired area for the wall – This is when the assessment of the location and the digging up of the bank is done.

Digging footing and level – Use a line level or a long bar level to come up with a stable base.

Concentrating loose soil – Compress the dirt of the bottom of the footing is an essential part of the process. Plate tampers or shovels are the best tools for this step.

Fill footing – Using the same tools in the previous step, the footing is filled with evenly spread coarse gravel.

Level the footing – Using a long level, ensure that the top of the gravel footing is flattened and smoothened.

Positioning the row of boulders – Place the first row and second layer accordingly. A good tip is to place the flattest side on top to make sure the layers fit respectively.

Put on the landscape – Lay down fabric that blocks soil on the back of the wall as well as on the dirt bank.

Backfill soil to the wall – Fill the space behind the wall and the bank with more coarse gravel.

Why choose boulder walls Gold Coast:

Natural appearance – Boulder walls are made from materials sourced from nature. Hence, it comes as no surprise that it can easily adapt to different environments. They fit perfectly in hilly areas, driveways, rock gardens and so on.

Quality – They are built from sturdy materials that are not prone to wear, pressure and damage. In addition, they are resistant to pests like termites. With such features, there are really bound to stand the test of time.

Cost – The construction of a boulder wall is not extremely hard on the pocket. The best thing is you can totally get a return on the investment considering how long the boulder wall can stand the test of time.

A wide array of options – There are several colours, textures and formations of rocks to choose from. There is no way you cannot find the perfect set of materials to compliment your space.

Flexibility – You are free to turn your boulder wall into something more functional, practical or aesthetically pleasing. It is possible to add some details like flowing water to enhance them even further. Another wonderful idea is a lovely garden bed. The possibilities are endless!

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